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HVAC Engineering Services

HVAC repairman checking his guage that reads 220

With the diverse range of customers that RCC supports, we encounter many unique and challenging situations that require a thorough understanding of the engineering principles behind an effective HVAC-refrigeration solution. From one-stop design/build solutions to major retrofits on mechanical and control systems, RCC can provide the expertise needed to get the job done right the first time! From a small walk-in freezer in a cramped convenience store to a 100,000 square foot wine storage warehouse with millions of dollars of temperature-sensitive products, RCC’s HVAC engineering services can evaluate, design, and install a system that fits the needs of any customer.

Most of our customers find that they do not have the luxury of starting with a clean slate, meaning that they cannot simply have a brand-new facility or system designed and installed with the latest technology. They most likely have an existing facility with ongoing operations and can’t take the time to shut down their business while a new system is being designed and installed. However, they have an immediate need to upgrade their HVAC-R systems. This may be due to many reasons such as expansion, energy savings or worn out equipment.

a commercial kitchen with side by side refrigeration equipment

The best solution for many of these situations rests with experience. There is no text book that can tell you how you can keep a million eggs at the right temperature while you rebuild the refrigeration system around them in the middle of summer and still manage to keep the distribution on track around the clock. Engineering a system is one thing, but RCC engineers real solutions to real world problems such as these. That’s what keeps us as the preferred supplier to a wide range of customers across most of Southern California, and what keeps our customers coming back year after year. Request a service to experience our superior HVAC engineering services today!

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